SignDirector lets you become a professional content producer for your digital signage using familiar tools and controls right from within your web browser. Create in minutes, publish in seconds.

Why Choose SignDirector?


Your latest updates are downloaded to the device and will playback on the screens from local storage. This means in the event of an internet outage your digital signage will remain up and running without interruption.


Create in minutes and publish in seconds. Our software interface is designed to be incredibly user friendly and make the entire process feel effortless.


Have your digital signage network deployed fast by installing our SignDirector App directly onto each compatible display. Alternatively, transform any of your existing HDMI compatible displays into digital signage by plugging in our SignDirector player.


Pricing is important. That is why we offer flexible pricing options, taking into account that each of our customers have varying needs and wants for their digital signage.


Increase your digital signage network at any time you like. Our plans are built upon a per display basis allowing you to scale your digital signage network with each new display.


Enjoy the speed of Australian hosted servers, combined with support when you need it! SignDirector is hosted in Brisbane with 7 days backup retention and 24/7 security monitoring.

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Cloud Platform

Central management of all digital displays from a single location, regardless of whether it is one screen or a worldwide network.

Continuous Operation

Even when your internet drops! The full 24hr schedule is stored on the device and will continue to play.

Flexible Permission Control

Content management and page permissions can be given to individual users or groups.

Simple Content Management

Effortlessly manage slide content via the Web Portal interface, accessible via your desktop or mobile devices.

Build to Any Display Resolution

SignDirctor will scale your layout to fit any resolution screen.

User-friendly Playlist Management

Unlimited playlists! Assign to individual/multiple screens. Drag & Drop to build playlist and view playlist duration.

Day-part & Campaign Scheduling

Timing is everything, appeal to your audience by scheduling what days and times your content is displayed with our easy to use calendar scheduler.

Monitoring & Alerting

Check proof of play and view diagnostic information straight from your web browser to be in full control over what is being displayed on your digital signage.

Competitive Cost

With you in mind we developed SignDirector to achieve everything you would expect from digital signage with simplicity and at a fraction of the cost to our competitors.

Australian Owned

Enjoy the speed of Australian hosted servers, combined with support when you need it! SignDirector is hosted in Brisbane with 7 days backup retention and 24/7 security monitoring.



Easy to add and manage new users.

User Types

Assign 1 of 3 user types to each user to specify level of authority. (Super Admin, Group Admin, User)

User Groups

Make it easier to onboard new Users and manage system access by creating User Groups. Users will inherit permissions that have been assigned to the User Group.


Content management and page permissions can be given to individual users or groups.


SignDirector has a Notification System to keep Administrators and Users of the CMS informed of important system events and other user-created notifications.


Display Settings

Display Clients are configured automatically from the CMS once they are connected, this is managed using Display Profiles.

Each Display has a default Display Profile which can be customised by an Administrator to suit required preferences or new Display Profiles can be created and assigned directly to a Display.

Display Groups

For ease of Scheduling and Media Assignment create Display Groups and assign Displays to one or multiple Display Groups.

Display Groups are administered in the CMS by clicking on Display Settings under the Displays section on the Menu. The Display Group grid will open to Add and manage Display Groups.

File/ Layout Assignments

Library files and Layouts can be assigned directly to a Display or Display Group so that they are always available in the local library of the Player.

Monitoring & Alerting

Check proof of play and view diagnostic information straight from your web browser to be in full control over what is being displayed on your digital signage

Remote Upgrade

As we add features to SignDirector, you shouldn't miss out. We remotely upgrade your displays with the latest version as it's released. You'll always get the latest features at your original price.


Layout Designer

SignDirector makes layout design simple through the use of drag and drop,interactive previewing and design flexibility.


Add as many regions as you want. A new Layout will contain one full size empty Region by default ready for resizing, positioning and adding media content to.

Regions can be positioned anywhere inside the Layout canvas using drag,drop, and resize.

Layout Timeline

Each Region on a Layout has its own Playlist of content, which is shown in a specified order by the Player.

The Layout Timeline shows the duration of Widgets as well as the total duration of the Layout.


Media is assigned to Layouts using Widgets, which provide the actions for the selected Module. This includes things like Images, Audio, Calendars, Charts, Data Set tickers, custom HTML and more.


Add Audio, Expiry Dates and Transitions Effects to any widgets in the playlist.



Library media can be uploaded directly using an easy to use file upload tool.


Playlists allow for the creation of reusable playlists which can be easily added to Layouts.

Data Sets

DataSets are a feature to design and store tabular data. Once designed the data can be imported from a CSV file or entered manually using the software. A DataSet provides a convenient way to import and display data from other systems in SignDirector.


All content displayed in SignDirector is added/edited and served by a Media Module. SignDirector has a wide variety of Modules to choose from with more being introduced with new releases.

Multi Media

SignDirector supports a wide range of file formats, you are able to upload videos, text, images, spreadsheets, fonts and much more. The flexibility SignDirector offers is enjoyed by customers Australia wide.



Events are Layouts/Campaigns, Overlay Layouts or Commands assigned to Displays/Display Groups at specific dates and times. Events are administered from the Schedule section from the menu.


Schedule content using the simple calendar interface to select Displays, Add Events, view date periods and alternate Views.


SignDirector supports the creation of multiple Dayparts, which can include day of the week exceptions. This means that a single day can be split into as many pre-defined parts as necessary.

Expiring Assets

SignDirector allows you to expire assets within a playlist, providing the ability to create complex layouts that are largely maintenance free.

Multiple Displays

Schedule multiple displays in a single click. The ability to bulk schedule displays makes SignDirector very attractive to businesses with multiple locations such as franchises, retail business and medical centres.

Hardware & Compatibility

SignDirector is instantly compatible with any digital display running, Android, Windows, Tizen, Linux or WebOS.

If your display isn't running one of the listed operating systems, SignDirector can still be used by installing our SignDirector player behind the display then simply powering up and plugging into your screens HDMI port.

Even if you don't have any digital displays but are interested in digital signage, we can provide a wide range of digital displays directly compatible with SignDirector.

SignDirector Player

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AUD+GST per month

✔ 1000 MB Media Storage
✔ Automatic Software Updates
✔ Comprehensive User Manual
✔ Access to Full Feature List
✔ Web Based Publishing

Licence + Support


AUD+GST per month

✔ 1000 MB Media Storage
✔ Automatic Software Updates
✔ Full Remote Support*
✔ Access to Full Feature List
✔ Web Based Publishing

*Conditions apply

Licence + Support + Content Management


AUD+GST per month

✔ 1000 MB Media Storage
✔ Automatic Updates
✔ Full Remote Support*
✔ Access to Full Feature List
✔ Web Based Publishing
✔ Professional Content Management*

*Conditions apply

Adora Fertility

Adora Fertility use SignDirector to display timely messaging to visitors and patients throughout their centre's. The displays are an important addition to keep patients informed on business activities along with news and weather.

Ramsay Pharmacy

Being a sought after destination within the local community for professional advice and expert recommendations. Ramsay Pharmacy relies on SignDirector to provide useful information and advertisements to both their current customers and potential customers.

Carl's Jr

Carl’s Jr is an international fast food restaurant chain that depends on SignDirector to keep their digital menu boards captivating and up to date. The flexibility offered by SignDirector allows for the creation of playlists and dynamic pricing that can be easily managed in just a few clicks.


Healius provides world class facilities and support services to independent General Practitioners, Radiologists and other Healthcare Professionals nation wide and as such the ability to easily update their digital displays in bulk across the country was an influencing factor in the adoption of SignDirector for Healius.

Oldmac Toyota

Oldmac Toyota uses SignDirector to control the content of their large format outdoor digital LED pylon sign. The sign can be viewed for several hundred metres in daylight in both directions while on the M1 freeway at Springwood in Queensland.

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