Answers to some of the frequently asked questions we hear regarding SignDirector services and capabilities.

Can I use vertically oriented displays?

Yes. This can either be done on the device itself by adjusting the orientation through the menu or you can do so via our web CMS by going to the display profile settings and changing the orientation there.

Where is my uploaded content saved?

The majority of our servers and data are hosted from Sydney, Australia. With the exception of your current playlists assets which are also downloaded/cached to the devices they are scheduled to.

Is it possible to manage displays centrally, all from one location?

Yes. You can have as many displays in as many locations as you like while managing them all through our web CMS from wherever you happen to be.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes. We review each client on a case by case situation offering increasing discounts depending on the number of licences purchased.

What video, image, and document types/formats do you support?

We support most common file formats including:

Video: wmv, avi, mpg, mpeg, webm, mp4, m4v
Images: jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, gif
Audio: mp3, wav
Documents: pdf, ppt, pps, pptx
Fonts: ttf, otf, eot, svg, woff

Can I turn my regular TV/Display into digital signage?

Yes. We offer our SignDirector Players as a way to bridge the gap to our software. Simply plug our players into any HDMI compatible display to start using SignDirector.

(Can also be used with a VGA or DVI-D compatible display if used with a HDMI to VGA/DVI-D adapter. We do not offer this adapter)

Can I run SignDirector directly on my TV/Display?

Yes. You can use SignDirector directly on Android TV's and signage displays. Otherwise, you'll need to purchase our supported device.

Do the players work offline?
SignDirector can continue to run offline as assets will be cached on your player only requiring an internet connection the first time they're played. After that, they'll play directly from the device itself. Further connection will only be required to download any updates you make to scheduling or layouts.

If you're using a widget that requires data for like a news RSS feed then internet connection will be required to grab updates.

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